The Armory


Tactical Gent was originally MARSEC4 and started releasing maritime & Coast Guard themed patches back in 2009. Tactical Gent was grown from those roots in attempt to create a style and theme of patches that connects with people and had yet to be explored.

The first Tactical Gent patch was released in Spring of 2014. Titled the "OG" patch, it quickly became a "grail patch" among collectors. From there, the patches kept rolling. Tactical Gent was created to honor the golden days of vintage gentlemanly-ness while still having a sleek and modern feel.

In an attempt to keep our patches exclusive, we limit their sales to small quantities. The most we have made of a single patch is 300 and that was a rare occcasion. 99% of our patches are never made again. 

Check out the entire Tactical Gent patch collection here .